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Welcome to 3-D Powder Coating!  Whether you have a passion for motorsports or your iron fence is in need of a retouch, powder coating will take your project to the next level! If you want to ensure your car, truck, motorcycle, or home improvement project reaches its maximum potential for beauty, performance, and endurance you’ve come to the right place! 

At 3-D Powder Coating, we can refinish any metal or iron furniture whether it’s for your home, retail space, or trade show displays. Anything from patio tables and chairs to fences, our customers range from apartment complexes to restaurants. Our skilled powder coaters can put beautiful, durable finishes on your patio, pool, office, or display items. Common wear-and-tear issues are minimized due to 3-D powder coating shielding your furniture from moisture, salt air, chemicals, UV light, friction, and impact.

Our Process  

 How do we make it all happen?  It begins with a thorough surface preparation of the part. This step is incredibly important to the final outcome. At 3-D Powder Coating, cleaning and degreasing are accomplished by either phosphate solution systems, sand blasting, or steam cleaning, according to the application requirements. Then we apply high temperature masking tape and silicone plugs to keep coatings off any specified surfaces, such as threaded or high tolerance areas.

At this point, the part goes into 3-D’s booth for electrostatic application of the selected high-quality powder products. Types of coatings may range from FDA and UL approved selections, to regular polyester, epoxy, and hybrid options. We use either a batch process or conveyor system depending on the job requirement. The coated parts then go to a large batch oven, or they pass through the four-stage curing oven. In the curing oven, the powder is melted, gelled, and finally hardened into the cured finish. The completed parts are then inspected to assure the highest standard of quality and your satisfaction! 

Powder Coating – Superior to Liquid Paint! 

There is no question that powder coating is superior to liquid coatings as powder coating offers second-to-none protection from chipping, corrosion, chemicals, abrasion, UV exposure, and impact. The thickness difference between powder coating and wet paint demonstrates all you need to know: 

  • Wet paint – 0.5 to 1 mil
  • Decorative powder-coating – 2 to 6 mils
  • Functional powder-coating – 6 to 10+ mils

Functional powder-coating has a track record of unbeatable durability, and has no other equal alternative surface coating material.  It can serve traditional roles for our Garland patrons who are looking for the best in automotive parts, architectural items, and furniture protection, but functional powder coating offers much more.

The best possible protection is necessary for surfaces, parts, and machinery that are exposed to merciless environments such as extreme heat or cold, chemical exposure, and salt water. Space satellites, military equipment, submarines, yachts, and Coast Guard vessels are excellent candidates for functional powder coating as it offers radiation protection, flame retardancy, electrical insulation properties, and more!

Powder Coating Bends Without Cracking  

Powder coating’s flexibility properties border on unbelievable, which brings us to The Bend Test, one of several assessments to test powder coating’s performance reliability. To pass The Bend Test, powder coating is applied to .036-thick phosphated steel panels and must easily withstand 180-degree bends over ¼-inch mandrels, without cracking or flaking. Powder coating bends to conform to the demand– something you would never dare to try with wet paint products!  

The Bend Test can also go a step further when the bent powder-coated surface is beaten with a ball-peen hammer. When no chipping or delamination is evident, the powder coating has passed The Bend Test. You’ll be amazed at powder coating’s elasticity and resistance to abuse, deformation, and extreme pressure!

Powder-Coating Finishes — Beauty & Durability

Our Garland customers can select clear powder-coating options which protect parts and finishes from chipping, scratching and fading. This is incredibly useful for those tables and chairs you’d like to use at your restaurant or retail space for years to come! Additionally, we offer an array of gloss-levels which give underlying colors greater depth and vividness.

However, if you’re looking to give your vehicle or furniture a makeover, powder-coating colors can transform automotive parts, tables, and chairs from boring factory standards to eye-catching works of art! Consider adding some of these elements to your next project: metallics, candies, shimmers, fluorescents, hammer-tones, glitters, and veining. The options are limitless! Not only does powder coating offer exceptional protection from contaminants, wear and tear, mechanical heat, corrosion and temperature extremes, but it will look good while doing it!

Our Commitment to You

Our company takes great pride in offering Garland and surrounding communities our unquestioned reputation. With more than 40 years of expertise, 3-D Powder Coating addresses the needs of a multitude of applications. Along with furniture and automotive powder coating, we cater to aviation, aerospace, military (specializing in MIL-SPEC coatings), electronics, commercial, industrial, medical, residential arenas, and more.  

From small parts to large parts, outside finishes to interior finishes, primers to top coats, stock colors to customized shades, smooth coatings to textured coatings, if you’re in need of a renewed finish, 3-D can do it all under one roof while adhering to ISO 9001-2015 quality standards! We partner with renowned industry leaders when sourcing our coating products so quality is never a question, it’s a guarantee! 

After it’s all said and done, from the vision of your project to the precision of our work, automotive powder coating is all about achieving a tough, sleek, stunning, uniform finish, every time! 

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