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Hello, and welcome to 3-D Powder Coating!  Do you have a passion for motorsports?  Is all-things-automotive embedded in your DNA?  Or, do you just, plain, love your car, truck, or motorcycle and want to see it reach its potential for beauty, performance, and endurance?  

At 3-D Powder Coating, we take vehicle parts and assemblies and give them new personalities – a facelift, so to speak – and, in the process, we add a level of protection that helps vehicles of all types to optimally perform.  Common wear-and-tear issues are minimized due to 3-D powder coating’s shielding from moisture, salt air, chemicals, UV light, friction, and impact.

Strut Your Stuff 

Imagine, for a moment, your vehicle’s factory wheels or aftermarket add-ons becoming radically and stunningly transformed through the wonders of automotive powder coating – are you in the mood for purple, red, yellow, or black?  Does the frame or the fuel tank of your motorcycle need an aesthetics overhaul?  Want it to become a show-stopper and the center of attention?  With 3-D Powder Coating, it can!

As a side note, did you know that Harley Davidson cycles have been factory powder-coated since 1995?  PCI Magazine states:  Powder Coating Provides Maximum Flexibility for Harley-Davidson.  Yep, when durability and beauty are of critical importance, automotive powder coating gets a double thumbs up!     

From vintage cars to dirt-track bikes to ATVs to your family’s SUV, our automotive powder coating specialists can beautify the appearance of any vehicle and transform it from ‘blah’ to ‘breath-taking’, with quick turn-around!  Our Fort Worth patrons can select from an array of exquisite colors, textures, and special effects that shield and protect one’s automotive investment!

Whether we powder coat your wheels, cycle frame, fenders, bumpers or grill, and once you see your finished product for the first time, be prepared to say, “OMG – I can’t believe it!”  3-D Powder Coating is all about the marriage of eye-candy and performance – offering the absolute best of both worlds!   

Automotive Powder Coating – In the ‘Thick’ of It

Automotive powder coating is superior to liquid coatings and offers second-to-none protection from chipping, corrosion, chemicals, abrasion, UV exposure, and impact.  The thickness difference between powder coating and wet paint is revealing – case in point: 

  • Wet paint – 0.5 to 1 mil
  • Decorative powder-coating – 2 to 6 mils
  • Functional powder-coating – 6 to 10+ mils

Functional powder-coating has a track record of mind-boggling durability, and it reigns supreme as the king of surface coating materials.  It can serve traditional roles for our Fort Worth patrons who are looking for the utmost in automotive parts protection, but functional powder coating offers much more.

When applied to surfaces, parts, and machinery that are exposed to merciless environments such as extreme heat or cold, chemical exposure, and salt water, the best protection on planet Earth pulls no punches.  Space satellites, military equipment, submarines, yachts, and Coast Guard vessels are candidates for functional powder coating which goes the extra mile.  That extra mile offers radiation protection, flame retardancy, electrical insulation properties, and more. 

From local dirt-bike owners to professional race teams across the country, powder coating is the better-than-paint option when beautifying and protecting one’s investment is a priority.  When a vehicle’s chassis, grill, wheels, handlebars, fuel tank, suspension parts, steering wheel etc become 3-D Powder Coated, ‘ordinary’ becomes ‘extraordinary!

Powder Coating Bends! – Does Paint?   

Powder coating’s flexibility properties, pretty much, need to be seen to be fully appreciated.  This brings us to the Bend Test.  The Bend Test is one of several assessments to test powder coating’s performance reliability.  Here, powder coating is applied on .036-thick phosphated steel panels, and it must easily withstand 180-degree bends over ¼-inch mandrels, without cracking or flaking.  Powder coating bends to conform to the demand– try that with wet paint products!  

The Bend Test can go a step further where the bent powder-coated surface is also, relentlessly, beat with a ball-peen hammer.  When no chipping or delamination is evident, one has to feel astounded at powder coating’s elasticity and resistance to abuse, deformation, and extreme pressure – yes, powder coating gets bragging rights over wet paint!

Powder-Coating Finishes – Oh, the Possibilities!

Our Fort Worth customers can select clear powder-coating options which protect parts and finishes from chipping, scratching and fading.  We offer an array of gloss-levels which give underlying colors greater depth and vividness.

Powder-coating colors transform automotive parts from ‘drab’ to ‘drop-dead gorgeous’, but other detailing adds an additional ‘WOW’ factor:  metallics, candies, shimmers, fluorescents, hammer-tones, glitters, and veining present eye-candy options that are luscious and limitless!  Adding beauty to exceptional protection from contaminants, wear and tear, mechanical heat, corrosion and temperature extremes is what automotive powder coating is known for! 

And here’s one more thing to ponder:  once powder-coating cools, it’s ready to be handled!  Paint, on the other hand, can take up to several days to cure.  Our Fort Worth customers love 3-D’s quick turn around! 

Our Commitment + Our Expertise = Your Assurance!

Our company takes great pride in offering Fort Worth and other communities our unquestioned reputation.  With more than 40 years of expertise, 3-D Powder Coating addresses the needs of a multitude of applications.  Along with automotive powder coating, we cater to aviation, aerospace, military (specializing in MIL-SPEC coatings), electronics, commercial, industrial, medical, residential arenas, and more.  

Small parts/large parts – outside finishes/interior finishes – primers/top coats – powder coating/liquid painting – stock colors/customized shades – smooth coatings/textured coatings – if it needs a renewed finish, 3-D can do it under one roof while adhering to ISO 9001-2015 quality standards!  We partner with renowned industry leaders when sourcing our coating products.  

After it’s all said and done, from the vision of your project to the precision of our work, automotive powder coating is all about achieving a tough, sleek, stunning, uniform finish, every time! 

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