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Welcome to our site – where vehicle parts and assemblies become, radically, transformed and protected through the wonders of automotive powder coating!.  At 3-D Powder Coating, we understand the passions of Denton automotive and motor-sports enthusiasts who baby their cars, trucks, or motorcycles.  After all, these vehicles are their pride and joy, and whether restoring parts of a nostalgic classic or parts of a high-performance muscle car, our automotive powder coating specialists can beautify the appearance of any vehicle and transform it from ‘mundane’ to ‘magnificent!

Our Denton patrons can select from an array of mind-blowing colors, textures, and special effects that don’t just cover, they maximally protect one’s automotive investment!  Wheels, cycle frames, fenders, bumpers and much more can benefit from automotive powder coating!  The aesthetics of the finished products could be considered jaw-dropping – enough to make any Denton customer say, “No WAY”!  

How about rims in black, green, blue, or red?  Or, perhaps the grill of your car or truck needs to go through a metamorphosis from dull gray to a glossy, panther black or a fluorescent chrome look?   Powder coating is all about the inseparable inclusion of beauty and durability.

Automotive Powder Coating – In the ‘Thick’ of It

Powder coating used in automotive applications is superior to liquid paint coatings since it offers unsurpassed shielding from chipping, corrosion, chemicals, abrasion, UV exposure, and impact.  The durability factor of powder coating for automotive applications becomes, especially, stunning when one realizes the thickness difference between powder coating and wet paint.  

Compare these three finish-thickness options with wet paint vs decorative powder-coat vs functional powder-coat:

  • Wet paint – 0.5 to 1 mil
  • Decorative powder-coating – 2 to 6 mils
  • Functional powder-coating – 6 to 10+ mils

Functional powder-coating is in a league of its own since it is used on vehicles, parts, and machinery that are exposed to brutal environments involving extreme heat or cold, chemical exposure, salt water, etc.  Space satellites, military equipment, and submarines, for example, are functional powder- coat candidates since this type of powder coating offers radiation protection, flame retardancy, insulation properties, and more. 

From the most discerning sports-car enthusiast to professional race teams, powder coating is recognized for its extreme endurance.  Even race-team pit equipment, including jack-stands, are powder coated as well as fuel cans.  Race fuel would damage paint but powder coating stands up to the challenge!  Is dirt-track racing your passion?  Protect your vehicle’s chassis and suspension parts from the terrain’s corrosive elements – 3-D Powder Coating has you covered – literally and figuratively!

Powder Coating Bends? – Yep!   

Another huge benefit of automotive powder coating is its flexibility properties.  This becomes, especially, noteworthy when you consider a car’s internal parts being subjected to continuous vibration and movement.  This brings us to the Bend Test.  The Bend Test is one of several assessments to test powder coating’s performance reliability.  Here, powder coating is applied on .036- thick phosphated steel panels, and it must easily withstand 180-degree bends over ¼-inch mandrels without cracking or flaking.  Powder coating passes with flying colors!  

The Bend Test can go a step further where the bent powder-coated surface is also, relentlessly, beat with a ball-peen hammer.  When no chipping or delamination is evident, one has to marvel at powder coating’s elasticity and resistance to abuse, deformation, and extreme pressure – a boastful claim that wet paint, simply, cannot make.

Automotive Powder-Coating Finishes – OMG!

You may be interested in clear powder-coating.  It acts as a potent shield to protect parts and finishes from chipping, scratching and fading.  Our Denton customers can select from various gloss-levels which give underlying colors enhanced depth and vibrancy.

Powder-coat colors are luscious and limitless but there are, also, eye-candy finishes – some are absolute show stoppers.  Our metallics, candies, shimmers, fluorescents, hammer-tones, glitters, veins, and more transform automotive parts and finishes from ‘blah’ to ‘breath-taking’!

Consoles, winches, hubcaps, exterior trim, radiators, alternators, brake & clutch pedal assemblies, and more are all excellent candidates for automotive powder coating.  Powder coating will provide your ride with exceptional protection from contaminants, wear and tear, mechanical heat, corrosion and temperature extremes. 

With automotive powder coating, our Denton patrons get the best of both worlds:  drop-dead gorgeous colors and finishes combined with unrivaled function and durability.  And one more thing:  as soon as powder-coating cools, it’s ready to be handled!  Paint, on the other hand, can take up to several days to cure.  Powder-coating is, truly, the perfect option for automotive applications!

Our Powder Coating Expertise

At 3-D Powder Coating, we take great pride in offering our integrity and our services for those in Denton and surrounding communities.  With more than 40 years of expertise under our belt, our company addresses the needs of a multitude of applications.  Aside from automotive powder coating, we meet the requirements of aviation, aerospace, military (specializing in MIL-SPEC coatings), electronics, commercial, industrial, medical, residential arenas, and others.  

Small parts/large parts – outside finishes/interior finishes – primers/top coats – powder coating/liquid painting – stock colors/customized shades – smooth coatings/textured coatings – if it needs a specialized finish, 3-D can do it – all under ISO 9001-2015 quality standards!  

In keeping with our expectations for excellence, we source our coating products from renowned industry leaders.  And after it’s all said and done, from the vision of your project to the precision of our work, it’s all about achieving a highly-resilient, sleek, stunning, uniform finish, every time! 

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