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Welcome to 3-D Powder Coating – serving Dallas and surrounding communities.  Question:  Are you an automotive or motor-sports enthusiast?  Have you fantasized about transforming the personality of your car, truck, or motorcycle?  Want to see it morph from ‘mediocre’ to ‘magnificent’?  3-D Powder Coating is exactly where you need to be!  

Imagine your cycle frame or your vehicle’s wheels, fenders, or bumpers having new life breathed into them – and that is just the beginning!  Add to that, eye-popping colors, finishes, and textures that generate aesthetics that will blow you away!  The variety of transformational possibilities with automotive powder coating is limitless!  Powder coating isn’t just ‘better’ than wet-paint, it’s superior! 

Automotive Powder Coating – In the ‘Thick’ of It!

If you want your pride and joy to look its best and keep looking its best, powder-coating will surpass wet paint, hands down!  Because powder coating offers a much thicker coat, automotive & motor-sports parts and assemblies benefit from maximized protection and durability.  Check out the thickness of wet paint vs decorative powder-coating vs functional powder-coating:

  • Wet paint – 0.5 to 1 mil
  • Decorative powder-coating – 2 to 6 mils
  • Functional powder-coating – 6 to 10+ mils

Functional powder-coating, by the way, is utilized for extreme environments or when one desires the best, possible protective finish.  Items including space satellites, military vehicles, and yachts, for example, receive this type of ultimate safeguard.  This caliber of coating offers radiation protection, flame retardancy, insulation properties, and more – beyond-the-norm durability for beyond-the-norm operations!

Professional race teams across the country, choose powder coating for its beauty and resilience.  Even their pit equipment and fuel cans are powder coated.  Race fuel would damage paint, but powder coating meets the challenge!  How about dirt-track racing?  If that is your passion, be sure to keep chassis and suspension parts optimally protected from the corrosive elements of the terrain.  3-D Powder Coating has you covered – literally and figuratively!  

Powder Coating Bends – Paint Doesn’t!    

Aside from a thicker finish, automotive powder-coating’s big advantage lies in its flexibility properties which enable it to bend and yield with the material, to which it is applied.  This becomes, especially, relevant when you consider a car’s internal parts that experience constant vibration and movement. 

This brings us to the Bend Test.  The Bend Test is one of several assessments where powder coating is tested for its performance reliability.  Here, powder coating is applied on .036- thick phosphated steel panels, and it must, easily, withstand 180-degree bends over ¼-inch mandrels without cracking or flaking.  Powder coating passes with flying colors – try that with paint!

The Bend Test can go a step further where the bent powder-coated surface is, relentlessly, beaten with a ball-peen hammer.  Even that doesn’t have the power to chip or delaminate powder-coated surfaces.  Elasticity and resistance to abuse, deformation, and extreme pressure are characteristics our Dallas patrons can expect with 3-D’s automotive powder-coating.

Automotive Powder-Coating Finishes – Whoa, Baby!

An excellent option for automotive-parts protection is clear powder-coating.  It acts as a shield that guards parts, assemblies, and finishes from chipping, scratching and fading.  Our Dallas patrons can select clear powder-coating options in various gloss-levels – all, of which, give underlying colors enhanced depth and vibrancy.

Want to go beyond a single-colored finish?  3-D’s automotive powder-coating offers motorsports enthusiasts gorgeous, eye-candy colors and finishes that generate that ‘WOW!’ response.  Our metallics, candies, shimmers, fluorescents, hammer-tones, glitters, veins, and more turn ordinary finishes into extraordinary creations!  You can choose ‘mild’ or go ‘wild’ – whatever trips your trigger!

Got Parts? – Get ‘Em Powder Coated!  

Accent pieces, hubcaps, exterior trim, fuel tanks, and grills are all excellent candidates for automotive powder coating.  Unparalleled protection from contaminants, wear and tear, mechanical heat, corrosion and temperature extremes is what it’s all about – beauty and function become mutually inclusive. 

One more thing:  as soon as powder-coating cools, it is ready to be handled!  Paint, on the other hand, can take up to several days to cure.  Powder-coating is, truly, the perfect option for automotive applications, with quick turn around!

3-D’s Expertise & Capabilities

With more than 40 years of expertise in the coating industry, 3-D Powder Coating addresses the needs of a vast array of applications, with ease.  Aside from automotive powder coating, we meet the requirements of aviation, aerospace, military (specializing in MIL-SPEC coatings), electronics, commercial, industrial, medical, residential arenas, and more.  

Small parts/large parts – outside finishes/interior finishes – primers/top coats – powder coating/liquid painting – stock colors/customized shades – smooth coatings/textured coatings – if your vehicle’s parts need a renewed finish, 3-D can do it – all under ISO 9001-2015 standards!  We partner, only, with renowned industry leaders when sourcing our coating products to ensure top-tier quality for our Dallas clientele.

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