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Our Company

3-D moved to its own facility in 1983, which allowed the business to coat more and larger parts.

During the 1990’s, 3-D gained many lasting customers, while working directly and in-directly for numerous prime manufacturers. These customers represent Aviation, aerospace, and defense industries. 3D also serves electronics, automotive, sheet metal, commercial and industrial manufacturers.

The second generation of management, currently led by co-founder, Tommy Darter, Jr., brings an array of experiential knowledge, with improvements to keep pace with the myriad demands of the products coating industry. 3D Powder Coating’s current capabilities include powder coating, liquid painting, silk screening, fill-engraving and sandblasting of all types of manufactured products.

3D Powder Coating - Serving North Texas for 40 years

Our History

Three-D Finishing, Inc. (now doing business as 3-D Powder Coating) was founded in 1981 by Tom Darter, Sr., President, a former Bell Helicopter aircraft painting specialist and local painting shop manager, along with Sylvia Darter, Secretary Treasurer and business administrator; and their two young sons, Tommy Jr. and Keith.

These co-founders diligently worked, along with 3-D’s loyal employees, to support Tom Darter, Sr.’s primary goal of offering cost-effective, high quality coating services to both prime and contract manufacturers.

Our Commitment

Whether your powder-coating, painting or silkscreening projects are related to electronics, military, automotive, motorcycles, aeronautics, aviation, architectural, medical, commercial or personal; 3D Powder Coating is proud to offer 40 years of proven performance and expertise in the metal and plastics finishing market!

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