3D Powder Coating in Mesquite, Texas

Custom Powder Coating Mesquite

3-D Powder Coating is a proudly family owned and operated company started in 1981. Our 40 years of experience have made us experts in the powder-coating, painting and silk-screening processes for the Mesquite, Texas area. Our professionals can meet your powder coating needs in more ways than you may expect. In fact, a surface you think untouchable may just be one of our specialties. Whether it’s metals, plastics, iron or painted exteriors, we transform almost any surface using our industry-recognized finishing methods.

We proudly represent industry leaders such as Akzo Nobel, Du Pont, PPG, Sherwin Williams, Tiger-Drylac and many more. No matter what your project or surface is, our experts are sure to provide the best coverage.

Custom Powder Coating Services

3-D Powder Coating is here to help from surface sealing to personalization. Find with us the final coat on favorite items such as electronics, military components, automotive/aeronautic parts, motorcycles, medical devices, iron fences, gates and more.

Our high quality techniques met with our invaluable expertise achieves both outstanding results and absolute customer satisfaction.

Custom Silk-Screening

Aside from powder and liquid coatings, 3-D Powder Coating Mesquite also offers professional silkscreen graphics and texts onto finished parts. No matter the surface, from metal to plastic, we can depict the content of your choice for a lasting personal touch. Either provide us with your personal silkscreen of choice or allow us to produce one from camera-ready work. The process begins once you email us the design and text. We take care of the rest.

Regardless of your surface choice, our epoxy and baked enamel inks guarantee durable, long lasting prints. Choose from a wide array of color options and feel free to use multiple colors within a given design. We also provide Vinyl and other inks upon request.

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Let the decades of experience at 3D-Powder Coating guide your next project. Want to refinish your motorcycle? We can help. Do you picture a lasting finish on that furniture? We know the best process. We are 3-D Powder Coating, the Mesquite area provider for every surface need.

Visit us at 5020 Grisham Drive, Rowlett, TX 750888 or call us at: (972) 475-2726.