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3-D Powder Coating – Garland

Welcome to 3-D Powder Coating-Garland! Below, you will find some very interesting information regarding powder coating and other services, we offer. 3-D Powder Coating represents expertise that spans 40 years in the metal-and-plastics finishing industry. Most people are unaware of what powder coating really is; and here, we offer some very insightful information on the product, the process and how it transforms everyday items to look like new again – from office furniture to headboards, from car parts to hand-guns – powder coating allows items that look ‘old and worn’ to look ‘new and beautiful’, once again!

What IS Powder Coating?

Powder coating is a procedure that produces an extremely-durable finish that starts out as a free-flowing, dry powder, applied electrostatically. The powder is carefully heated and cured which enables it to flow as a liquid.  In the end, a seamless, flawless, beautiful ‘skin’ is created which is far more durable than traditional paint.

Take a few moments to view our website and social media links, listed above. You will be astonished at our industry-recognized finishing methods that can be used on not only metal, but plastic, iron, or painted surfaces. Powder coating creates transformational results for everything from baby cribs, to antiques to outdoor furniture.

Tell Us What Trips Your Trigger

3-D Powder Coating-Garland serves a host of applications that can benefit from our powder coating services and painting or silk-screening procedures. Personal items from appliances to tools can be powder coated, and arenas that include electronics, automotive, motorcycle/recreational vehicles, aeronautics, aviation, architectural, medical, commercial, and even military vehicles and equipment benefit from powder coating finishes. Not sure if an item can be powder coated? Not a problem! Just give our office a call and one of our representatives will be happy to discuss the items you have in mind.

Smooth-finished results are only one option – our textured finishes will blow you away when you see our ‘veined’ or ‘wrinkled’ effects, not to mention the endless array of color choices. Do you have a car, truck, cycle, snowmobile, ATV or other vehicle that you would love to enhance? Wheels, trim, bumpers and, oh, so much more, can be powder coated! Do you have older but reliable appliances that could use a ‘facelift’? – choose a vibrant color to brighten up your kitchen! How about that faded patio set that has seen better days? – powder coating is the better answer over purchasing new.

Powder-coating for the military requires that 3-D Powder Coating-Garland be certified for special processes. Those processes must meet the durability and functional demands of harsh climates and extreme use and abuse from sun, sand, humidity, chemicals, and salt air. Our military-spectrum painting includes CARC (Chemical Agent Resistant Coatings) as well as our EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) shielding which protects military electronics.

Ceramic and Teflon

3-D Powder Coating, also, offers eye-catching ceramic or Teflon coatings where color selections cover the spectrum from soft to highly-spirited – solid colors, textures, fluorescents, candies, chromes and tints. Our color charts and display panels provide a true visual of shades, from one end of the color spectrum to the other. Aside from stock colors, our Garland customers can request their favorite shades and hues.

From the simplest request to the most complex, 3-D Powder Coating has you covered, no pun intended. Give us a call at 972-475-2726; and we will provide a complimentary quote and answer any questions you may have.

Additional Specialty Services

We encourage you to browse each page of this website, as well as our Facebook link above, for photos of finished products. Be sure to ask about our specialty services that include plastics, silk-screening, and Auto & Sports, with more details, below:

*** Plastics – There are a variety of plastics that can be powder-coated; and the key is utilizing lower temperatures. Satellite dishes, traffic-light housings, radar antennas, digital and broadband equipment and many other plastic items are excellent powder coating candidates. 3-D’s UV protective coatings, and other protective coatings, extend the life of plastic or Lexan products.

***  Silk Screening – Applying silk-screening graphics and text onto metal, plastic and painted surfaces is another facet of 3-D Powder Coating-Garland. You can supply the actual silk screen or our company can fabricate the silk screen from your camera-ready artwork. If you would like 3-D Powder Coating-Garland to supply the artwork, the procedure is easy: send your drawings, via our email address, in PDF format to: [email protected]. One of our technicians will quickly respond to your request, where details and options can be discussed.

Also, our epoxy and baked enamel inks, as well as special-ordered vinyl and other inks, are offered in an array of striking colors.

*** Auto & Sport – Do you have a car, truck, ATV, cycle etc that could use a ‘new’ set of wheels? Powder coating can make the most noticeable impact on any vehicle when the wheels acquire a brand new finish. Whether black, orange, lime green or silver, newly-finished wheels are sure to garner attention. Don’t overlook unique, customized accessories – we promise to exceed your expectations! Aside from wheels that are powder coated, cycle frames, fenders/tanks/grills, bumpers/guards, consoles, and winches can, all, take on a whole new appearance and strut their stuff! View our eye-opening candy-color finishes, clear top-coats, silver or copper vein, glitters, metallics, glossies, chromes, and other gorgeous options.

We Utilize Materials from Recognized Leaders

3-D Powder Coating partners with industry leaders, known the world over, for top-quality materials and ingredients. This ensures that 3-D Powder Coating-Garland can offer finishes that are unequaled in beauty and durability. Our partners’ names, including Akzo Nobel, Du Pont, PPG, Sherwin Williams, Tiger-Drylac and others, means our Garland customers receive the absolute best quality of powder coating to be found anywhere else in the world!

Service Area

We serve customers, nationwide. In the North Texas area, some of the other communities we serve besides Garland include Dallas, Fort Worth, Plano, Richardson, Irving, Allen, Rowlett, Sachse, Rockwall, Carrollton, Farmers Branch, Grapevine, Hurst, Euless, Bedford, Gainesville, Greenville, Grand Prarie, Arlington, Lewisville, Royce City, Frisco, Colleyville, Coppell, McKinney, Denton, Sherman, Terrell and all metroplex cities and surrounding counties. Ask us about available delivery services in the Dallas and Fort Worth local metro areas.

Visit us, anytime, at 5020 Grisham Drive, Rowlett, TX 75088

Little-known fact about powder coating: powder coating can be used to protect dental products, such as dentures!