When to Use Powder Coating Services

If the question were asked:  “When might you use powder-coating?”, the quick answer might be:  “Any time I might want to have one or more items restored”.  And, usually, when items are restored – anything from patio furniture to automobile parts – most people, immediately, think: paint.  It is, here, however, where powder-coating takes the lead regarding any restoration project.  Since the 1960’s, powder-coating has revolutionized the finishing industry; and heat-sensitive substrates can, now, be powder-coated that could not have been, only a few years, ago.


The advantages of powder-coating over painting are stunning and impressive.  Compared to traditional wet paint, powder-coating: 1) is much more cost effective 2) is far more environmentally friendly 3) offers a thicker, more durable finish 4) is capable of flexing and bending 5) is far less wasteful since over-spray is miniscule and 6) delivers an unsurpassed professional finish that paint cannot duplicate.


Items that can be powder-coated are, virtually, countless; and this goes along with the fact that metal is not the only material that can be receive this type of application – wood, plastic, composites, glass, and medium-density fiber-board can all be, beautifully, powder-coated – even, dentures!


When You Might Choose to Powder-Coat


The types of items capable of being powder-coated are, as mentioned, too numerous to count; but if you are in the mood to breathe new life into any old or damaged items you might, otherwise, put on Craig’s List or sell elsewhere, don’t replace it; save money and transform it!


***  Powder Coat Your Baby Crib


Powder-coating is a safe, baby-friendly alternative to paint products.  Many higher-quality baby-products on the market are not painted, but powder-coated:  toys, cribs, strollers, baby furniture, car seats, and more.  Powder-coating is much more durable than paint, and can withstand the test of time where years of use and abuse would, otherwise, take their toll on painted items. Iron cribs, especially, are excellent options for silky-smooth, powder-coated finishes; and when sealed, chipping and rusting don’t stand a chance.


Again, any color of the rainbow would be at one’s fingertips, with powder-coating a baby crib – not to mention personalized designs or names that could be added to a crib to create a true family heirloom!


***  Powder Coat That Old Stove and Refrigerator


Colors and patterns are, virtually, limitless for kitchen appliances; and finishes can be smooth, wrinkled, matte, and roughly-textured.  If adding a chrome finish or colored finish to your older appliances is something you’ve thought about, powder-coating will do just that!  A lustrous chrome would be a timeless look; and if you dare, candy colors are, also, an option.  Candy colors cover hundreds of shades of the rainbow; and they get their stunning aesthetics from being translucent.  Wrinkle patterns, can be easily achieved, as well; and this textured finish can be seen and felt.


Even smaller appliances such as teapots, food processors, toasters and handles of flatware are excellent candidates for powder-coating patterns and colors, galore – you can showcase your pieces into one-of-a-kind works of art!


***  Powder Coat Your Boat


Higher-grade, weather-resistant powder-coating is maximally effective where applied to boats and yachts where salt water, intense UV rays, and humidity are ever-present in marine environments.  Powder-coating is resistant to corrosion, heat, impact, abrasion, fading, and weather extremes.  Powder-coating can, also, be used to color rails and match other boat parts, in eye-catching hues.  Clear-coating a boat’s brass-work, copper fittings, and stainless-steel fixtures will, without a doubt, preserve the inherent shine and luster, thereby, eliminating time-consuming buffing and polishing. Want your older boat or yacht to look like it rolled off the showroom floor? –  powder-coat it!


***  Powder Coat Your Hand-Gun


If you own an older fire-arm and, even, a new one and want to add some pizzazz to the finish, powder-coating offers options that will blow you away!  Imagine revolvers or pistols with black and red accents or striking black and gold MP9s!  For women who might desire a softer, more feminine touch, how about a finish in sky-blue, canary-yellow, or a pink & green camouflage pattern?  Custom finishes can, also, include candy colors, fluorescents, wrinkled & flat, high-gloss, mirror, and iridescents– the options for patterns and colors are endless and will take your breath away!


A clear powder-coat would provide added protection and would enhance the colored finish of the fire-arm, especially, gloss black.  Clear finishes are available in a variety of gloss-levels; and various effects can be achieved when metallic flakes are added to the mix.


After It’s All Said and Done


In your home, garage, office, or work environment, you come in contact with more items that are powder-coated than you would, ever, have imagined.  From patio furniture, to mowers, to file cabinets, to car & truck parts.  If you own any items that are yearning for a complete transformation, the wonders of powder-coating will transform your pieces from ‘old and ordinary’ into ‘exciting and extraordinary’!

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