Three Ways to Customize Your Car

If you are anticipating customizing your car, turning your vehicle from ‘ordinary’ into something ‘extraordinary’ is exciting, indeed!  Though there are a myriad of customization options to choose from, here are three things you can do to completely alter the look and feel of your prized possession:


Add an Upgraded Sound System

The nice thing about upgrading your car’s sound system is the fact that it doesn’t have to break the bank.  Replacing the speakers or adding more of them – perhaps in the door panels – would do wonders to improve the sound quality.  If you were to add a subwoofer, you can enjoy an audio experience in a wide-frequency range – maybe between 10Hz – 20kHz – along with multiple mid-range amplifier channels for dedicated power.  You would feel as if you were listening to the sound track of a movie – in a theater!


Whether you choose Alpine, Kicker, Sony, Pioneer, or another brand, you can add a dream audio system, in stages.  You can:


***  Replace the factory radio and install a new receiver to make the sound so much more rich.

***  Add aftermarket speakers which are available in every size, shape and style.

***  Enhance the power, via an amplifie which means the speakers would generate their true potential.  The details and clarity of the music would blow you away.

***  Install a subwoofer which would add optimal depth to your music.

***  Couple a dedicated amp with the sub; this way, you can achieve the ultimate in big bass sound.


Install Custom Leather Upholstery

When you decide on custom upholstery and have it professionally installed, your seats will receive a factory fit and look like no nobody’s business!  Tailor-made leather covers can be designed to perfectly match your car’s unique ‘persona’.  Your dream interior can be crafted from an endless array of design styles with color options that would make your head spin – hundreds of colors are available that can complement your car’s interior accents and exterior shade.  You can add stitching and piping, embroidery, and embossing to create a unique conversation piece, within, not to mention the enjoyment you will feel each time your and your VIP slide inside and feel the buttery softness of the leather.


You may wish to add perforations in the seats’ covering to add visual contrast and dimension – such as black leather with perforations that show a hint of red or silver, or whatever color combinations that might trip your trigger.  With embroidery or embossing, you have the perfect opportunity to add very personal detailing to your design.  Add your logo or monogram – the possibilities are limitless!


Powder Coat Your Car’s Parts

If you really want to make a customization statement with your car, powder-coat, virtually, any part of your vehicle to add absolutely eye-catching ornamentation!  Not only can the exterior of your car be powder-coated, but most of its parts can reap the benefits of powder-coating, as well.  Wheels, bumpers, hubcaps, radiators, accents parts, exterior trim and more are, all, excellent candidates for the powder-coating procedure. If you want to go beyond gorgeous solid colors, you choose from a huge array of metallic, candied, iridescent, fluorescent, hammer tones, glitters, various gloss levels, and so much more.  Even veins and textures can be added for one-of-a-kind dramatic detailing.


With powder-coating customization, your car can look like it just rolled off the factory floor!  Aside from the aesthetics, powder-coating offers your car unparalleled protection from contaminants, wear and tear, mechanical heat, corrosion and temperature extremes.


When it comes to customizing your car, the possibilities are only as limited as your imagination!

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