Three Situations Where Powder-Coating Is Better than Paint

Paint products certainly have their place; but the advantages of powder-coating over paint remain undeniable.  As with paint, powder-coating provides protection and aesthetics; but if you want superior performance and far less environmental pollution, then powder-coating takes the lead.


All in all, the advantages of powder-coating over paint include:  1) unsurpassed durability, gloss retention, color vibrancy and superior resistance to corrosion, chipping and scratching 2)  less produced-waste and lower energy costs 3) lack of solvents and VOCs 4) availability of an unlimited range of colors, finishes, designs and textures and 5) being far more environmentally friendly.


Do all the advantages of powder-coating over paint mean the applications for powder-coating are limited – absolutely not!  Almost anything that can be painted can be powder-coated.  To the surprise of many, powder coating can be used with a slew of different materials including some wood, metal, wrought iron, ceramic, glass and, in some cases, even paper!


Below, are three scenarios where powder-coating becomes an excellent candidate for enhancing the beauty and performance for the items involved:


Guns and Firearms

The benefits of powder-coating become clearly evident when one has an opportunity to attend a gun show and see, first hand, firearms and guns that have a professional powder-coated finish.  Revolvers and pistols with black and red accents or black and gold MP9s take on a striking, personalized appearance.  For those ladies who might carry a weapon, handguns can be powder-coated in colors that reflect a more-feminine side such as robin’s egg blue & silver or even a pink camouflage pattern – the patterns and colors for guns and firearms are endless!


Pool and Patio Furniture

Do you have pool or patio furniture that has seen better days?  The beauty is, you don’t have to replace those expensive items, nor do you want to just slap a layer of paint on top of the existing surface – powder coating your outdoor furniture will give each piece a new lease on life!  One can choose different corrosion-protection alternatives as well as a multitude of finishes and mind-boggling colors.


Powder-coating professionals will prepare surfaces to ensure they are contaminant-free –  oils, dirt and loose paint are completely removed, whether via sandblasting or sanding.  For furniture made of ferrous material, corrosion protection is typically applied as a dip or spray process and an epoxy primer is usually added which offers an additional sealant layer that combats rust formation.  In the end, all one can say concerning the finished, transformed product is, “Wow!”


Cycle and Automotive Parts

Talk about a make-over! – Cars, trucks and cycles can be transformed from ‘ordinary’ to ‘extraordinary’ with the powder-coating process.  Rims, wheels, frames and more will take on a ‘fresh-from-the-factory’ appearance that will last for years. Since powder-coating is known for its superior durability, vehicle parts of all kinds are offered unparalleled protection from contaminants, wear & tear, mechanical heat, corrosion and temperature extremes.  Metal parts and surfaces and impressively shielded under a ‘coat of armor’.  And it is not just the ‘typical’ parts that can be powder-coated – virtually any part of a car, truck or cycle can become beautified and optimally protected:  accent parts, bumpers, exterior trim, truck beds, handle bars, kick stands, valve covers, nerf-bars for pick-ups and jeeps, and so much more!


Yes, powder-coating offers endless application possibilities from toilets to toasters, and remains an exciting alternative to paint!  What’s in YOUR home, garage or business that could be radically transformed?

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