Three Reasons to Powder Coat Your Vehicle

Those who are not fully familiar with powder-coating may be very surprised to learn the big advantages of having one’s vehicle powder-coated instead of, simply, repainted.  To begin with, powder-coating provides much thicker coverage; it is far more durable than conventional liquid paints; it has the ability to bend and flex without compromising the structural integrity of the coating; and a myriad of designs, textures and special effects can be achieved, which traditional paints simply cannot replicate.


If you have been thinking about repainting your car, truck or ATV, powder coating can be a superior option for attaining a more-professional appearance as well as offering unsurpassed durability.  And, powder coating is far more environmentally-friendly than paint products!


Let’s delve a bit more deeply into why powder-coating your vehicle remains an excellent choice:


Powder Coating Truly IS Kind to the Environment

Powder coatings do not contain fluids that evaporate; and, therefore, will not emit any solvents.  As a result, volatile organic compounds, known as VOCs, are not produced.  This is important to the environment since VOCs are known to be health hazards to humans and animals in addition to being dangerous pollutants to land and water.  Powder coating produces no waste-water discharge into sewer systems or ground water, and does not contain heavy metals or carcinogenic agents.


Did you know powder coating over-spray can, actually, be recycled?  Unlike paint, powder-coating’s material loss can be kept under 5% while 70% of paint is lost to over-spray during the application process.  Only a miniscule percentage of powder coating is disposed of due to its high utilization rate; and the disposal process of unusable powder is very simplistic.  Because of this, powder coating does not have to adhere to the same strict environmental controls that liquid paints do.


Powder Coating is Flexible

As mentioned, powder coating has the unique ability to bend and yield with the object to which it is applied; and there is no compromising the finish, in the process.  When it comes to vehicles of all types, components are subjected to a great deal of vibration and twisting; and with that being said, the Bend Test brings powder coating’s flexibility, into focus.


The Bend Test is one of multiple tests that powder coating is subjected to in order to ensure performance reliability and quality control.  With the Bend Test, powder coating is applied on a .036-inch thick, phosphated steel panel where it must easily withstand a 180-degree bend over a ¼-inch mandrel without cracking or flaking—a demanding role that powder coating can, easily, meet!


Powder Coating Offers a Thicker Finish

If you are in the market to have your car, truck or other vehicle painted, think ‘power coating’ instead of conventional paint since it offers a much thicker finish.  Comparing the physical properties, in terms of thickness-coverage, between wet paint, decorative powder coat, and functional powder coat is quite revealing:


*** Wet Paint:  0.5 – 1 mil

*** Decorative Powder Coat:  2 – 6 mil

*** Functional Powder Coat:  6 – 10+ mil


Powder coating beats wet paint, hands down!

A powder-coated finish can last to last up to 20 years, with durability that is unsurpassed.  Your vehicle can look like it rolled off the showroom floor for many years, to come!

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