How to Make Powder Coat Last as Long As Possible

Powder coating has an outstanding reputation for its durability factor; and keeping any powder-coating finishes in pristine condition requires little care. Here are some suggestions one can utilize to ensure this type of protective finish lasts a very long time.


Use Cleaners

Pollutants, dirt, grim,  salt and salty air will do their best to attempt to compromise any powder-coated finish, whether that finish has been applied to playground equipment, auto or cycle parts, an iron gate or patio furniture.  A cleaning every 6 months is very adequate in some areas of the US, but in coastal regions or industrial areas, a cleaning schedule should include a cleaning every 3 months.


For most powder-coated items, the cleaning is simple;


1:  Use a wet sponge to remove any loose deposits of grime, salt-accumulation etc.

2:  For any stubborn dirt, grime or salt debris that remains, use a soft cotton cloth saturated with and a dish-soap cleaner and warm water.

3:  For sealants, splashes of paint, and other more-intense types of residue, one can very safely use Methylated Spirits, Turpentine or White Spirits.

4:  Rinse any cleaning solutions off with a hose.


Soaps with emulsifiers that break down common stains are the best to use.  To make it even easier, commercially-prepared products that are environmentally-friendly and 100% water-based offer the ease of ready-to-use formulas in spray bottles.  Dirt, grease, oil, mold and other pollutants are eradicated, allowing items such as powder-coated patio furniture to look new again!


It should be pointed out that any solvents and other petroleum-based chemicals that caution one to use gloves should be avoided, at all cost!  They would clean by removing micro-layers of the powder coat finish.  The damage that would, likely, result may not become evident until months, down the road, where one would begin to notice cracking, premature loss of gloss and fading of color – severe cleaning solutions will accelerate staining, fading and the ultimate failure of the powder-coat finish.


Pressure cleaning, at a low setting, is another grime-removing option.  In a perfect world, one should use filtered water since unfiltered/hard tap water or ground water can cause staining due to the presence of sulfur, iron oxide, chlorine, fluoride and other ingredients.


Use Wax

Commercially-prepared products are available, once again, specifically designed for powder-coatings.  Products that will wax and polish, allow powder finishes to become optimally restored, maintained and preserved.


Also, high-grade, non-abrasive car wax will do wonders to block and/or inhibit UV rays; but avoid compound car waxes that contain abrasives.  After applying a light coat of wax, it is important to remove any residual wax that could become baked on from the heat of the sun.


One can substantially prolong the service life of powder-coated finishes with regular care.  One’s car, truck, backyard pool and lawn receive scheduled maintenance, and powder-coated items deserve the same attention.  It’s all about regular maintenance so everything from exercise equipment to BBQ grills to bird-baths can remain beautified, protected and functional for years to come!

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