How to Choose a Powder-Coating Company for Your Business

Choosing a highly-reliable powder-coating company to fully meet your business’ needs doesn’t have to be challenging; and it won’t be if you know what to look for.  The principles a powder-coating company adheres to reflect a company’s commitment to efficiency, quality of work and customer care.  For example, a company possessing ‘ISO 9001 Certification’ –  the industry standard – means a powder-coating company is passionately dedicated to excellence regarding how it operates as well as maintaining a high safety rating.


Additionally, a top-tier powder-coating business should:


Have a History of Experience

Possessing expertise in the field of powder-coating is vital.  You, as a business owner, should look for a powder-coating company with long-held, reputable experience as well as the company’s adherence to the highest-degree of customer care.  Reliability, trustworthiness and addressing consumers’ needs in a professional, timely manner says much about a powder-coating company’s virtues and values.


A well-established powder-coating company will proactively avoid problematic issues such as loss of adhesion, pin-holing which can cause small holes in the finish, laser-edge issues, flash rusting due to improper removal of surface oils, weld pull-away where the powder pulls away from a weld, premature coating failure, as well as under-curing and over-curing.  As a business owner, you demand absolute perfection with your finished product; and a powder-coating company with years of experience will meet that expectation.


Offer a Vast Array of Services

A powder-coating company that possesses expertise in a wide-range of services is vital.  You want to utilize a company that offers a comprehensive roster of services that can seamlessly serve your company, regardless of your business’ varied needs, whether now or in the future.


Also, a powder-coating company that utilizes technological advances and innovative techniques means your business can take advantage of exciting colors, designs, patterns, gloss levels and textures that can optimize your company’s bottom line.


Cater to Multiple Industries

Powder-coating companies that partner with a wide-range of industries indicates a top-of-the-line establishment.  A company that has worked with military, medical, commercial, industrial and architectural venues, for example, indicates the company’s ability to uphold a rigorous set of demanding and exacting specifications. You can be assured a powder-coating company with this type of experience will easily meet your most-challenging needs.


Embrace Consumer Inquiries

Because powder-coating offers a plethora of options regarding colors, designs and textures, it is to be expected that consumers will have any number of questions regarding this type of specialized service.  Dedicated powder-coating companies will eagerly welcome inquiries of any kind and clearly explain to each client – whether potential or established – how any option can cater to his or her business needs.  Phone calls and email inquiries will be promptly addressed by a powder-coating company that knows its own bottom line rests, solely, on the clients who place full trust in the company’s reputation and professionalism.


3-D Power Coating

3-D Powder Coating prides itself with offering unparalleled services to meet any, and all, business demands – automotive, aviation, architectural, medical, commercial, personal, and more.  The success of 3-D Powder Coating is absolutely dependent on our commitment to uncompromising excellence – starting from a customer’s inquiries, up to the finished product, and ever detail in-between.


With more than 30 years of proven performance, we encourage you to contact 3-D Powder Coating to discuss your business’ powder-coating needs!

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