Countless Items Can Be Powder-Coated

Most people would be, absolutely, amazed to discover the types of items that are powder-coated – from hand-guns, to playground equipment, to surgical supplies to house-hold appliances.  Powder coating is a smart alternative to regular wet paint since it is more cost-effective, more durable and much kinder on the environment.


So what else can be powder-coated? – Let’s take a quick peek:


Everyday Items

Countless, everyday items are not painted, as one would expect.  Instead, many things you use while at home, while at the office, or during recreation-time, are powder-coated.  Lighting fixtures, electrical components, golf clubs and carts, exercise equipment and even mechanical pencils and thumb tacks go through the powder-coating process.  Colors and patterns are, virtually, limitless; and finishes include smooth, wrinkled, matte and roughly-textured.


Various powder-coating products meet very specific needs.  Standard weather-resistant powder-coating, for example, is used for windows and garage doors; while higher-grade, weather-resistant powder-coating is maximally effective when applied to commercial buildings, boats, yachts etc. used in environments where salt water, intense UV, and humidity are ever-present.  Whatever the need, powder-coating will meet it thanks to its resistance to corrosion, heat, impact, abrasion, fading and weather extremes.


Auto, Truck and Cycle Parts

Not only can the exterior of a cycle, car or truck be powder-coated, but most of its parts can reap the benefits of powder-coating, as well.  Wheels, bumpers, hubcaps, truck beds, radiators, accents parts, handle bars and more are, all, excellent candidates for the powder-coating procedure.


Clear powder-coat has become a popular option for protecting a vehicle’s body-paint.  Major car manufacturers use clear powder-coating as a protective finish since it will, optimally, protect against chipping, scratching and fading.  Those who wish to personalize their vehicles can go beyond simple, gorgeous colors and choose metallic, candied, iridescent, fluorescent, hammer tone, glitters, various gloss levels, and more.


Here is a bit of insight regarding various powder-coating colors and finishes:


***Chromes are the most-reflective types of powder, and offer a beautiful and unique appearance.


***Candy colors, like solid colors, are many and varied; and they get their effect from being translucent.


***Veins and wrinkle patterns are coats that provide a physical texture that can be seen and felt; and the texture can provide ‘grip’ or traction.


***Clear powder-coat, as mentioned, provides added protection; and it enhances the finish.  It gives some colors more depth, especially, gloss-black.  Also, clears come in a number of gloss-levels; and various effects can be achieved when metallic flakes are added.



Baby Items

Powder-coating is a safe, baby-friendly alternative to paint.  These days, most baby products are powder-coated, including toys, cribs, strollers, baby furniture and more.  Powder-coating is non-toxic and far more durable than paint; and this is good news for parents who are well aware of how young children chew on toys, crib-railings, etc.


Powder-Coating Goes Beyond Metal

Powder-coating can be used to coat many types of materials, not just metal.  Wood, plastic, composites, glass and medium-density fiber board can, all, be beautifully transformed.   Believe it or not, dentures can be powder-coated, too; and dentures that are made, via powder-coating, are more durable.


Do you have anything in your home, garage or business that could use a make-over?  Chances are, whatever item you have in mind, can be powder-coated!

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